Border Collie - Standard

General appearance:
Well well proportioned dog; nobility, elegance and the perfect balance of the harmonious silhouette combine with a structure enough to give an impression of strength. The absolute lack of harmony, so as the complete lack of substance, are to be avoided.
Tenacious sheepdog, hardworking and very docile.
Ardent, alert, responsive and intelligent. Not nervous nor aggressive.
Head and Skull:
Skull fairly broad. The occiput is not pronounced. The cheeks are not full nor round. The muzzle, tapering to the edges, is moderately short and strong; the skull and muzzle are of approximately equal length. The stop is well marked. Nose is black, except for those with brown cloak (chocolate) in which can be brown. If the coat is blue, the nose should be slate color. The nostrils are well developed.
The eyes are wide apart, oval shaped, medium sized and brown in color, with the exception of those in which merle and admitted that one or both eyes are blue, in part or completely. The expression si alive, alert and intelligent.
The ears are of medium size and texture, well apart, carried upright or semi-erect and sensitive in use.
The teeth and jaws are strong and have a joint scissor perfect, regular and complete, upper teeth overlapping the lower with close contact and are set square to the jaw.
Sizing is of good length, strong and muscular, slightly arched and broadening to shoulders.
Seen from the front, the front legs are parallel. Seen in profile, the pasterns are slightly slanted. The skeleton is strong but not heavy. The shoulders are well laid back. The elbows are tight against the body. Body: athletic in apperance. The ribs are well sprung; thorax is well let down and rather wide. The kidney is well let down, muscular. The abdomen does not rise to the level of the kidney. The length of the body and 'slightly greater than the height at the withers.
The rear and 'broad and muscular; her graceful profile descends towards the tail. The thighs are long, broad and muscular; the knee and 'well-angled; hocks are strong and well let down. From hock to ground, hindlegs well boned and, seen from behind, are parallel.
Oval in shape. The pads deep, strong and healthy. Toes arched and closed. Nails short and strong.
Moderately long. The bone reaching at least to hock; low set, well furred, ending with an upward curve, completing graceful contour and balance of dog. The tail can be raised when the dog is in action, but never be carried on your back.
The gait is loose, smooth and agile, the feet are lifted minimally. It will be the impression that the dog is able to move in stealthy steps and very quickly.
There are two varieties: Moderately long. In the two varieties the hair is thick, medium consistency, and the undercoat soft and compact, to form a good protection against the weather. On average, long-haired variety, abundant hair forming a mane, pants and a fox tail (brush). The coat is short and smooth on the face, ears, forelegs (except for feather), hindlegs from hock to ground.
All colors are allowed. The white should never dominate.
Ideal height: male 53 cm; females a little less.
Everything that moves away from the above must be considered as a defect, which will be penalized in function of its gravity.
Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.