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"Love generates life”. My breeding was born thanks to the love between me and Wolf, a Collie given to me by my parents when I was just 13 years old. A story like many others: a child desires to have a dog, not any but a Collie, because in my imagination Collie was “Pride and Austerity". Nothing could be more true!
Wolf was a Scottish longhair hepherd imported from abroad, but without a real pedigree, and a short I realized how this could become a problem. So, for what would become the breeding Paradise Collies, I chose as founder the precious Toffee Black of Cherry Hill, a beautiful tricolor from which this story begins. In 2001 Black Toffee, and after a short time Yellostone Red Moon of Cherry Hill, became part of a family that soon would grow with the first litters; six months after, Samnium Crocodile Dundee arrived too. In the first moments It seemed a chrysalis, but she became butterfly with some small loving gestures, which unfortunately someone before me had not been able to give her. And so, in a very short time, the family Paradise Collies grew and since then continues to grow in love and respect. With Bordebay Scent of a Woman and Borderbay Printed in the Heart, also Border Collie conquered my attention. They are Scottish sheepdogs, with incomparable emotion and sense of empathy, and I could not avoid to starting their careful selection. Now I can boast the union of the most important bloodlines from Australian and British show. Today in our breeding, we select specimens of Rough Collie, Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs or Scottish types different from each other for aesthetic and character, but with a common note: the sensitivity. And in respect of this, every day I work in order to guarantee them a good state of health and the new two-legged friends dogs getting healthier, respecting standards and through continuous and constant monitoring of genetic and hereditary diseases.